M. K. Ghosh & Co. a fifty- year’s old law firm providing legal support and service based on modern technology to corporate entities with time tested trust and efficiency. Its up-to-date data base for legal and regulatory compliance management across multiple industries and business is according to industry specific functions and requirements, to bring good corporate governance and practice by compliance of all laws and regulations, which has a great impact in running of industry and business. Since its formation almost 50 years back, it has been at its best to serve its clients with legal and regulatory solutions. Holding on its consistency and expertise, the firm has been reaching its greater heights in its services of Indian laws and regulations, extending its knowledge based activity to global legal support also. It has been at its best to serve its clients with legal solutions and generating process of Legal and Regulatory Compliance management support as per need of present day demand for all corporate entities, either listed or unlisted. It is dedicated to serve the legal needs of regional, national and international businesses & industries. Every day to handle the complex transactions, regulatory compliance and legal dispute related anxieties that businesses face, with spirit of collaboration and team approach we collaborate with clients providing advice suited to each company's individual needs.

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