Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate governance is a term that refers broadly to the rules, processes, or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated, and controlled. The term can refer to internal factors defined by the officers, shareholders or constitution of a company, as well as to external forces such as consumer groups, clients, and government regulations.

A well-defined and enforced corporate governance provides a structure that works for the benefit of everyone concerned by ensuring that the enterprise adheres to accepted ethical standards and best practices as well as to formal laws. To that end, organizations have been formed at the regional, national, and global levels.

In recent years, corporate governance has received increased attention because of high-profile scandals involving abuse of corporate power and, in some cases, alleged criminal activity by corporate officers. An integral part of an effective corporate governance regime includes provisions for civil or criminal prosecution of individuals who conduct unethical or illegal acts in the name of the enterprise.

SEBI and listing agreements of various stock exchanges require that the requirements of corporate governance are duly complied with.

Our Corporate Governance services include :

  1. periodic monitoring through internal review.
  2. legal compliance audit.
  3. independent verification.
  4. effective supervision.
  5. accountability.
  6. sufficient number of independent directors on the board.
  7. formation of an independent audit committee for the board.
  8. adequate disclosure and transparency in reports.
  9. participation in board meetings.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals and time to time training is provided by us as per the requirements. Our team members deliver excellent performance in providing these services at affordable prices.

These professionals work in close coordination with one another to meet the client's satisfaction. Our sophisticated team has complete knowledge of various exercises and technicalities that are used in our services.

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