MKGC Legal Compliance and Audit Service

M. K. Ghosh & Co. is a leader in offering research-based Legal and Regulatory Compliance Services to enable Corporates and Organisations to comply with Legal requirements and other regulations.

The firm serves some of the leading Public Sector Undertakings and Navaratna Companies as well as medium and small sized industries.

It monitors changes in industry rules and regulations and assesses and identifies potential exposure of the corporates and organisations to risk and liabilities and makes sure they are being addressed effectively with the volume of changes and breadth of exposures.

It advises on mitigation of risk and liabilities and formulates customised guidelines.

It conducts Legal Compliance Audit in order to check and ensure that the company’s goal, structure and ongoing operations are consistent with the latest developments in business and corporate laws and regulations which lowers the compliance risk profile, reduce fines, reassign headcounts, enable a better and higher use of the limited law department’s resources, save measurable cost and improve effectiveness and ensure due diligence.

The firm simplifies the various functions of regulatory processes of the orgnisation and reduces risk, cutting costs and establish a viable long-term strategy for compliance success. The services cover the following areas :

  1. Strategic Analysis of the Company.
  2. Assessing potential exposure to liabilities to different authorities, customers, staff, visitors and members of the public.
  3. Testing compliance programme to identify weak spots.
  4. Advice on mitigation of such risk and formulating customised guidelines.
  5. Conducting Legal audit / scan of compliances of various laws applicable to the industries.
  6. Undertaking the compliance monitoring exercise on the basis of continuous legal research.
  7. Providing timely information to companies regarding suspected violations for maintaining compliance programme.
  8. Developing effective training and seminars for staff to enable them to become fully acquainted with various areas of law and compliance and bring the highest value to themselves and the organisation.
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